Throwback: Chris Mills – Sumptin to Groove Too

I am really not trying to post on Cavalier rappers everyday. I had this link emailed to me when Delonte West came out with his freestyle, and I didn’t even want to look at it because I knew I’d end up talking about it. However, I clicked on it yesterday, and couldn’t help but posting it today. You may have seen it before, but if not, here it is:

If you feel your day is worse for listening to that jam, don’t blame me.  Blame the music exec who felt it necessary to record and release a CD featuring 10-plus NBAers back in the mid-90’s.  If you didn’t like Sumptin to Groove Too – track 8 – maybe Jason Kidd’s What the Kidd Did might be more your speed, or possibly Isiah Rider’s cut, Junk in the Trunk.

Click Read More for the full tracklist of the CD that featured the single by Mills, released in 1994“B-Balls Best Kept Secret”

 “B-Balls Best Kept Secret”


1: Hip Hop Basketball Genie (Intro)

2: Dana Baros – Check It

3: Malik Sealy – Lost In The Sauce

4: Shaquille O’Neal – Mic Check 1-2 (Feat. Ill Al Skratch)

5: Earl The Goat – Bobbito (Skit)

6: Cedric Ceballos – Flow On (Feat. Warren G)

7: Brian Shaw – Anything Can Happen

8: Chris Mills – Sumptin’ To Groove To

9: From The Bay To L.A. – Sway & Tech

10: Jason Kidd – What The Kidd Did (Feat. Money B)

11: Isaiah (J.R.) Rider – Funk In The Trunk

12: Phat Swoosh – Bobbito (Skit)

13: Dennis Scott – All Night Party

14: Gary Payton – Livin’ Legal and Large

15: D.J.S&S Presents (Skit)

16: Dana Barros & Cedric Ceballos – Ya Dont Stop (Feat. Diamond D, Grand Puba, A.G., and Sadat X)


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