1st Half Recap via text msgs

Below is a transcript of text messages I rec’d leading up to, and throughout the first half of the Cavs Game:

11:35 am – Bill: Gameday Baby!

5:55 pm – Paul: You going to the game?

6:03 pm – Re:Paul: No You?

6:13 pm – Paul: Yes. Four rows from the top.  Doesn’t Stepien Rules get a press pass?

6:15 pm – Re:Paul: I wish…not quite…but people do send me Cavalier rap videos that they made at home.

Right After Tip-Off (7:34 pm)

Bill: Championship!

Parker just hit a 3 to push the lead out to 13-2 (7:41 pm) 

Kyle: Like Parker.  Team d needs to gel around 33

LeBron’s blocked shot with 3 mins left in 1st Q (7:52 pm) 

Todd: Where’s AC – Get that weak stuff….awesome block by LBJ

Shaq goes off the glass to make it 21-7

Joe: The Big Felllaaaaa

28-21 Cavs at end of First Quarter (8:00 pm)

Joe: I’ll take that

Rasheed Wallace’s 2nd (3) to tie it at 32…7:30 left in 2nd Q (8:15 pm)

Kurt: Slugs on offense.  not sure if moon or parker can score.

Paul Pierce Hits (3) to take first lead at 39-38…15 point turnaround

Joe: did I ever tell you about how much I hate Pierce

Jamario Moon misses a jumpshot

Bill: Moon must be told he’s not a spot up shooter.  slash baby slash

Cavs offense slows, Boston pushes out lead (8:35 pm)

Bill: Gonna miss Kuester a little I think

Towards end of first half (8:38 pm)

Kyle: Coach Brown said transition d wasn’t up to speed.  I agree.  Miss Delonte there.

At halftime…from my brother…Cavs down 51-45 (8:43pm)

Kevin: Dad thinks everyone should be fired but I like the way we look…bench looks rough tho.

At halftime (8:45pm)

Bill: Need Delonte for that 2nd unit big time!


…btw, I didn’t tell anyone I was going to do that…hope you guys don’t mind…out for now…


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