Cavs Rotation Questions…Who Starts?

Throughout the week, we will post a series of questions about the Cavaliers Rotation for the 2009-10 season that we imagine Mike Brown to be sitting at his desk with a number two pencil and some filler paper trying to work out answers to in light of an off-season that saw the Cavaliers as a very active player.

Question 1 – Cavaliers Game One Starting Five…

For the first time in the LeBron James era this is a question that involves six, arguably seven, players that could actually start.  The most legitimate debate is at the SG position.  Its my opinion that Anthony Parkergets that job.  I know he was brought in for depth in the back-court, but I have to think that at 6’6″ Mike Brown is going to like the size that Parkercan add to a back-court that was undersized a year ago.  Can he defend?  I don’t think he’ll be as good as West,but I think he can be serviceable.  Additionally, with Williams and Parker starting, I think Delonte West can do more for you coming off the bench as the sixth man.  In this scenario, Delonte could be a very realistic Sixth Man of the Year candidate next season.  His ability to spell time at the one and two, along with providing an instant spark at both ends of the floor upon entering the game, could prove to be invaluable.

The lesser of the starting line-up debate involves the bigs.  If Leon Powe was healthy right now, this would interesting, but he’s not, and its definetely not as close a contest as with the SG’s.  There is no way you can bring in Shaq, with his personality, and his $20 million a year contract, and be the first team in his career to ask him to come off the bench.  I don’t want that experiment blowing up during the last year of LBJ’s contract.  Just don’t have time for that.  So Shaq starts at the C position, and Andy at the PF spot.  Will those two guys mesh offensively?  Maybe not, but you can’t have Z or Shaq stepping out to cover an opposing teams four…it’d be ugly.  After the All Star break, if Powe’s healthy, who knows, but for now it has to be Andy over Z for defensive purposes. 

What I’d love to hear and see is that JJ Hickson just comes on and emerges into the type of player that his talent should one day allow him to be this season.  Of the players on the Cavaliers’ current roster, I think Hickson’s skill set would best suit playing alongside Shaq, but I just don’t see that development as happening.  Not this season at least.

All that said, the StepienRules starting five looks like this to open the season: 

PG: Mo Williams
SG: Anthony Parker
PF: Anderson Varejao
C:  Shaquille O’Neal

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