A collection of thoughts on a sunday night…

I went out to Madison, Wisconsin this weekend to visit my brother and came away from the trip in full belief that I like everything about that town except for the drive…We had breakfast at Einstein Bagel this morning and on my way in Ralph Nader walked right past us…no lie…I didn’t say anything to him though, but my Dad did.  He went with ‘Hey Ralph, thanks for your help with the Corvair, I had one.’  Mr. Nader just looked at him in response, smiled, and nodded his head.  It got me thinking though, on the long ride home, that what I should have said is ‘Hey Ralph, we need your help in Cleveland…with the Browns.’  There really isn’t a group of consumers in more of a need for a high powered advocacy campaign than Cleveland Browns’ season ticket holders…I feel terrible for those people.  As far as the Cavs go, I decided that I’m cool with the number four power ranking .  There is really no need to wear that number one ranking into the season…I like the idea of the Cavaliers rumoring to be interested in signing another guard.  They could use one, that’s what I was getting at last Monday with the Stephen Jackson post, and while I just raised the question, and don’t really want to see the Cavs move say a Z for Jackson, picking up a Tyronn Lue or Bobby Jackson for nothing but a few more dollars out of Dan Gilbert’s pocket seems like a no-brainer type move, all Delonte West stuff aside.  For another part of the trip I was still trying to figure out what Channing Frye was actually thinking when he decided to wear that sweat suit with the fanny pack for his appearance in the 50 ballers drunk with random chicks post from earlier this week…I was also happy for Ron Harper and Anderson Varejao because even though they made a couple cameos in the post, they didn’t look as bad as that, or as weird as Matt Harpring did. Thats all for now.  I did have issues with the Magellean navigation system on the ride back as well, but that’s a topic for another day. 

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