A High School Party In Akron

The Plain Dealer reported the following excerpt from the soon to be released book Shooting Stars by Deadspin’s favorite author Buzz Bissinger:

“LeBron James smoked marijuana during his junior year in high school. Three other members of the Akron St. Vincent St. Mary starting five smoked with him. Another drank alcohol. All this took place in a hotel room in Akron the players “had gotten access to,” in the guarded words of “Shooting Stars,” a book to be released in September.”

This doesn’t suprise me, or bother me in the least.  In all seriousness, what would you have done if you were a highschool junior and some hotel is opening its doors to you, free of charge, for you and your high school friends to have parties there whenever you wanted?  It might have gotten a little weird.  And you would have most likely done worst things than lose the state championship that year.  Additionally, in the days to come, I really dont want to hear from the Tim Tebow-ites of the world on this one.  Don’t hate…didn’t the Big Guy teach you that too?   

Brendan Bowers

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