A Look Back At Nike MTAG AkronTourstop

Excerpt of Post By StepienRules @ MWF:

“As your average run of the mill sports blogger, I don’t ask for much. The accommodations provided by my mother’s basement are more than adequate. And while I’m still far from my 40th birthday, I see no reason why I wouldn’t enjoy kicking it down here for the next decade plus.  That still doesn’t mean I’m not grateful for an opportunity to step out the house once in a while though.  So when Nike’s media department offered me a ticket to attend the private screening of More Than a Game at the Akron Civic Theatre this past Thursday, along with media credentials to cover the Nike Tourstop on Friday, I was more than appreciative.  Nike’s people were beyond pleasant, and it was great meeting them. Dunktape hijackers they weren’t…” 

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Coverage of  MTAG Screening at Akron Civic Theatre:

Private screening of Kristopher Bellman’s More Than A Game: MTAG Tour Stop: Akron, Ohio

More Than A Game T-Shirt: MTAG Wear: Its More Than A T-Shirt

Seven Part Blogumentary on Nike’s Akron Tourstop:

1.  LBJ and Movie Cast take Akron Stage: He Put On For His City

2.  LeBron references Dunktapegate…takes to Akron Courts: Nobody Dunked on Him This Time

3.  CP3 and LBJ:  Chris Paul Joins LBJ on Court 

4.  Custom Shoes Unveiled: Custom Shoes By LBJ’s Tattoo Artist

5.  Akron Mayor Speaks on Perspective…LBJ Walks To Courts:  A Walk Through World History

6.  Did LBJ join the long list of Cavalier rappers?  LeBron in the Booth…Don’t Do It!

7.  LeBron addresses crowd…Coach Dru Looks Back:  Last Stop on Nike Tour

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