A Walk Through World History

It doesn’t take a historian to tell you that there was something sorta historical about LeBron, at this stage of his career, celebrity, and social status, coming home to take a walk through the crowds of Akron kids who live in the same neighborhoods, and go to the same schools, as he once did.

Prior to making that walk from the stage to the court on Friday, Akron’s Mayor Don Plusquellic spoke about the significance of the day for Akron, as well as his prediction about LeBron way back when James was only 14… 

lbj takes court - 2

Don Plusquellic from MTAG Akron Tourstop:

“I’ve been telling mayor friends and people all over, since back when LeBron was 14, that LeBron James is the greatest basketball player to ever come out of…the world!”

That’s not Ohio, United States, or North America…best player to ‘come out of the world.’  And now he’s the MVP. Got that mayor friends? 

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