Why Allen Iverson To The Cavaliers Is a Good Idea

With the Cavaliers off to a “slow” 4-3 start, some are wondering (and panicking) about what is in store for LeBron James & Co. as the season goes on. With Shaquille’s numbers down from his regular averages, and LeBron not getting help on a consistent basis from players who were signed here to do just that, the possibilities of a trade are looking more and more probable.

Stephen Jackson, guard with the Golden State Warriors was the first player to be connected to the Cavaliers in a possible trade scenario. But how much with the Warriors actually want for Jackson? Rumors were they would want Zydrunas Ilgauskas for Jackson. But what if O’Neal went down with an injury? Who would fill in the void left at center with both O’Neal and Ilgauskas gone?

Another scenario was that Golden State would welcome an Ilgauskas for Jackson trade and then waive the Lithuanian center. The Cavs would then have to wait only thirty days to sign the waived center and in the end, the Cavaliers would end up with Jackson and Ilgauskas.

This trade then presents questions about what kind of chemistry Jackson would bring to Cleveland. Could Jackson play with James and actually be content on being the fourth or fifth scoring option? If not, what kind of cancer would he be to the team? Because of these questions and with no insurance policy with O’Neal gets hurt with the trade of Ilgauskas, this trade is not likely to happen.

The player that makes the most sense to fit into this system, to provide the Cavaliers with a spark and proven scorer, would be Allen Iverson. Yes, Iverson has proved over the years to be a cancer and a headache on and off the court, but in this stage of his career, only one goal is on his mind. To win a NBA Championship. And his best shot would be with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Iverson, who currently is signed with the Memphis Grizzlies, has voiced his displeasure about coming off the bench and has left the Grizzlies for “personal reasons”. Coming to Cleveland, he would be immediately placed in the starting lineup, which would consist of O’Neal, James, Mo Williams, and J.J. Hickson. Coming off the bench would be Anthony Parker, Delonte West, Daniel Gibson, Anderson Varejao, Jamario Moon, and Ilgauskas. It would not only improve and add another reliable scoring option to the Cavaliers backcourt, but it would also add depth to the bench by placing Parker in the second unit.

The questions that do arise from Iverson coming to Cleveland are plenty. Can he fit in? Can he play with James and take a “Scottie Pippen” role? If it doesn’t go well off the bat, how long until Iverson voices his displeasure? The answers to those questions rely on the actions of “The Answer”.

Take a look at the Boston Celtics. They have three legit superstars on their team with Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce. With those three, they have a NBA Championship under their belt and will be at the top of the Eastern Conference if they continue to play the same ball they have played to start the season. Garnett, Allen, and Pierce have worked together to reach that goal and have had no bumps in the road when it comes to egos and scoring opportunities.

Adding Iverson to the Cavs would then make him the first or second scoring option after James. He also can create his own shot and make his own scoring opportunities by slashing to the basketball and with James one of the best passers in the game, this opens up the offense and adds the “spice” the Cavs are looking for.

It’s a no brainer to add Iverson to the Cavs roster. With the season going the way it is now, even after seven games, Iverson might be that missing piece that puts Cleveland over the hump. But only if the price is right and if “The Answer” knows he plays second fiddle to “The King”.


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