Alright just relax…Cavs fall to Wiz

Sure the Cavaliers lost 108 to 91 tonight.  And I know, it was to the Wiz.  And I know, we hate the WizDeShawn Stevenson, Brendan Haywood, I know.  But before you go looking for that panic button you were hammering down on a few weeks ago, just take a deep breath.  You owe it to yourself.  The Cavaliers came into tonight having won their last five games, seven of their last eight, including wins over Dwight Howard’s Magic, and D-Wade’s Heat.  I know they were up by seventeen at one point, I know they were winning 55-41 at halftime, and I know they just stood still and chucked up jumpers all second half long, but…keep in mind it was the second game of a back to back, on the road, and one in which two of their top six were inactive.  Antawn Jamison scored 31, you think Varejao and Shaq could have curtailed that some?  I’m not worried about it.  Get Shaq and Andy back healthy, learn from it, move on.  There’s 70 games left.


On LeBron…

The game didn’t matter by this point, but the jump ball call with Stevenson, and the subsequent technical was laughable…that’s a topic for another day however.  Its kinda funny to say, but LeBron might not have been aggressive enough tonight, if you can even say that about a guy that leads all scorers with 34 points.  LeBron didn’t look to really take over the game until DeShawn started guarding him, and if he had attacked the basket sooner, he might have scored 50, and maybe dictated a different outcome.  That said, he did dish out 9 assists as well, and if guys cut to the basket, hit open jumpers, and kept the score a little closer while he was on the bench, LeBron would have probably had 15 assists and a win, but none of that happened.  Great pass to Moon on the oop too btw…here’s hoping the wrist isn’t too banged up.

On JJ…

Hickson’s been on fire lately, and probably floating on cloud-nine in between these last five games too I imagine, but the Prince of Fresh Air got a reality check in the form of Antawn Jamison tonight.  Jamison dropped an I’m an All Star PF and you’re not yet 31 point statement on Hickson tonight, but chalk that up to growing pains.  He’ll be better for it as the year goes on, and I still say, by year’s end, Hickson will be the Cavaliers third best player behind LeBron and Mo.

On Mo…via the Austin Carr Line of the Night…

In 35 minutes Mo Williams went 2 of 13 for 6 points tonight, but I ain’t mad at you Mo.  He’s been shooting the sh*t out of the ball, and shooters go through that.  He was 0-6 in the first half from the field, and didn’t score until he went to the free throw line in the second quarter.  Which brings me to my A.C. line of the night…which by the way is way better when A.C. says it than when you read but we’ll do it anyways…Fred McLeod asked A.C., isn’t this what shooters need sometime when they are in a slump, get to the free throw line, and find their rhythm? 

To which A.C. replied:

“Yes, that’s where you get the rhythm when your shot is off…Its a good feeling you, you, you try to emulate that feeling the next time you take the shot.”AC Line of the Night via DejaTrue

Here’s hoping Mo and the rest of the Cavaliers can find that rhythm next game, and emulate that feeling.

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