An Email to Delonte West…

Subject:  We support you, but you have to get it together, right now


We have a lot of love for you in this town.  We know you’ve been the only player not named LeBron James to deliver in each of these past two post seasons.  We know you can guard just about any perimeter player in the NBA.  We know you can hit the three, and we love when you go so hard to the basket that it causes AC to say ‘that’s how you take the ball to the hoop when your from DC, Fred.’  Off the court, we think you might be the funniest professional athlete to play here, ever.  We’ve watched your Jim Rome correspondent piece ten times, and we have even ranked our top five favorite lines from your KFC Freestyle.  When you left camp last season, and publicly admitted your battles with depression, we were moved by your willingness to put yourself out there, and inspire as many people as you did.  As last season went on, we were happy for you, not only because it was your best season in your career, but also because it appeared you were winning those personal battles.  When you got arrested, nobody around here was mad.  We knew your battle wasn’t going to be won easily.  We knew there could be set-backs. We cared and were worried about you personally, but we were still not worried about you as a member of the Cavaliers.  We knew you’d get through it, learn from it, and be better for it in the longrun.  But after you skipped practice today, we have to admit, we’re a lot little worried.  You see, this is kind of an important season around here.  We haven’t won a championship in forty five years, and if this season blows up in our face, and a certain someone leaves as a result, we might not win one for another forty five.  Did you see the Browns’ game Sunday? So what I am saying here is this: you have to get a hold of yourself, and you have to do it today, we really need you to.  Whatever support and help you need Dan Gilbert and the Cavaliers will provide it for you, but you have to take them up on it.  This city will continue to respect you, support you, and love you, but you are going to have to respect us too.  We don’t have another forty five years to wait, and we need you right – body mind and spirit – right now.  We have too much riding on this thing. 


Cleveland Sports Fans   

Brendan Bowers

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