Andy plays big…LBJ deflects a shot attempt

After opening the game with a first half as depressing as the 3 halves of Cavailers’ basketball that had preceeded it, the Cavs responded from a 54-45 halftime deficit with a momentum changing second half to close out B-Roy and the Blazers 104-99 in a game they absolutely had to have.  In addition to doing what his team needed him to do offensively, King James brought a little bit of D as well to close this thing out…

And I don’t think I need to tell you what Austin Carr had to say about that one.  But I will share with you the opinions of those esteemed bloggers from around the web who weighed in on last night’s win – speaking on the play of Anderson Varejao specifically:

Wating For Next Year, Jacob:

“In the second half, LeBron (33-7-7) and his sidekick Mo (14-10), who was also suffering from the stomach flu, mercilessly pounded the basketball into the painted area for cutting teammates. Anderson Varejao was at his absolute finest tonight, finishing 10-17 from the floor in 36 minutes off the bench. Yes, the big story with our forwards was the Shaq getting pokedin the eye, but when Anderson can produce like he did last night offensively, the Cavaliers won’t need the plodding Shaqtus come crunch time in big games.”

Cavs: the blog, John Krolik:

“If there was any doubt coming into this game that Anderson Varejao is the Cavs’ best big man by a fairly wide margin, it should be erased after this game…9 of the Cavs’ 11 field goals in the fourth quarter were assisted, and 6 of those 9 were baskets by Anderson Varejao, a guy who never stops moving and looking for seams when the ball is in somebody else’s hands. Varejao’s off-ball movement the whole game was beautiful, but in the fourth quarter Varejao was just putting on a clinic…”

King James Gospel, Cody:

“The Wine and Gold then [Friday] took the floor against an undermanned Portland Blazers team and headed to the locker room at half time down 54 – 45.   After LaMarcus Aldridge put in two quick buckets over JJ Hickson to open the third, Mike Brown turned to Anderson Varejao and Mr. Efficiency responded with 18 second half points to turn the game around.”

And lastly, an opposing teams’ take on the performance of our beloved Brazilian…they don’t like him as much…

Bust a Bucket…A Blazers Blog, Sheed:

“Anderson Vareflop. This guy drives me crazy. His sole purpose is to irritate and draw fouls from the opponent. The only problem is he is dirty, grabbing and pushing to get what he wants. The refs seem to like him, but when they don’t? He goes crazy and complains about every single call.  The ugly part of all this? He torched Portland, especially on the pick and roll. He had a season high 22 points and 10 rebounds, and Portland had no answer for him. It looked way too easy for the Brazilian sideshow Bob look alike. Oh well, perhaps we can throw some defense at him next time, right?”



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