Are There Any Free Agents Left?

I pretty much had Charlie Villanueva twittered into the starting rotation next year for the Cavaliers, but he’s not coming here.  After  agreeing in principle to sign late last week with Pistons you can cross him off your Christmas in July list.  You can cross Rasheed Wallace off too – and you can put a check plus next to the fact that Boston will be the NBA’s most hated team next season.  After Rasheed, I was hoping there was something to the Ron – Ron rumblings, especially when I heard LeBron went to meet with him personally.   But instead of teaming up with the King, Artest decided to team up with Kobe, and make the defending champs that much better.  With LA shaking Ariza loose I thought maybe? But he’s going to Houston. 

So who’s left for the Cavaliers?

Channing Frye anyone?  His numbers won’t overwhelm you but he didn’t get much of a shot behind LaMarcus Aldrige, Joel Pryzbilla, and number one draft pick Greg Oden last season to be fair. Athletically he could be the stretch four that Cleveland needs to some degree, but he is certainly not in the class of the aforementioned free agents.  In addition to Frye, Brian Windhorst reported that the Cavaliers are out in LA  meeting with undisclosed free agents.  The speculation is that those targets could include Anderson Varejao, Shawn Marion, and Josh Childress.  While I haven’t seen it too many places in print, the local sports talk shows keep talking about Anthony Parker, and Matt Barnes, and I would be fine with either of those guys too.  However, there is no doubt that it is getting late in the game, and the longer the list of signed free agents get, the worse the Cavaliers first round draft pick looks.   

Brendan Bowers

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