Braylon may finally catch something…a case

Braylon Edwards had zero catches on Sunday afternoon, despite a couple balls being thrown directly threw his hands.  He then went to a night club, and reportedly beat up a 130 pound friend of LeBron JamesLeBron spoke on it today.

Via Brian Windhorst – PD:

He’s (Givens) a good friend of mine. The situation is sensitive right now. But it is unfortunate. Hopefully my friend is doing well at this point.  It is unfortunate when something like this happens at someone’s work place. My friend, that is where he works, and it is unfortunate that it happened there.  I’ve never crossed paths with Braylon before but it seems like there is a little jealously going on with Braylon and me and my friends. I have no idea why. I’ve never said anything to Braylon at all. For him to do that I think is very childish. My friend is 130 pounds, seriously it is like hitting one of my kids or something like that. It doesn’t make sense but the right people will take care of it. 

To say that Braylon Edwardsdid something like this surprises me as much as the Browns losing did yesterday.  If this is true expect Mangini – the same coach who fined an unnamed Browns player over a thousand dollars for forgetting to pay for a hotel water bottle – to come down hard on Edwards,even if the law doesn’t. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mangini suspended him for multiple games.  There will be no star / impact player factor weighed into his decision either, because simply, Braylon is neither a star nor an impact player.  It would be like suspending Darrian Chiverinni at this point in Braylon’s career, no offense to the Chiv.

As far as the reasons for Edwards‘ alleged jealousy, maybe its the fact, highly publicized last year in the LeBrowns campaign, that if LeBron chose to play football he would undoubtedly be a better player than Edwards.  Or maybe Edwards is still upset that LeBron was playing catch with TO in last year’s opener against the Cowboys and not with him.  Or maybe LeBron reminded someone, who reminded someone, who reminded Edwards that Braylon lost miserably in his bet with Mike Phelps last season.  Or maybe Edwards is just a hater.  Or hey, maybe its not true at all, even though LeBron seems to think it is… 

The rest of LeBron’s quote from Windy is as follows:

It hits home for me when I hear something like that at 7 a.m. in the morning when I get up for work.  I know how to handle myself as a professional athlete and I take care of my friends and my family. It is unfortunate that some guys don’t understand that. You are a role model to kids and you should carry yourself that way on and off the field. And I carry that. I’m not going to do anything to jeopardize myself or my family. I’m one of the guys that look at being a professional athlete at more than just being out on the court.

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