Cavs beat Pistons…Dan Gilbert as announcer

The Cavs beat Coach Kuester’s Pistons 98-88 in Detroit last night. LeBron had 34-8-7, Daniel Gibson threw in an extremely efficient 13, and Mo Williams had double digit points with 8 assists.  All that said, Dan Gilbert stole the show for me from the announcers’ chair.

Dan Gilbert on Maverick Carter…

Dan Gilbert made a number of points during the broadcast last night that are worth expanding on at a later date – and one in particular that’s worth expanding on this morning.  I thought Gilbert made it a point last night to publicly take up for LeBron James’ business partners, specifically Maverick Carter, after some recent heat that’s been directed towards their camp.  When LeBron sat down next to Carter late in the 4th quarter, Fred McLeod said that “LeBron has 31 points tonight as he takes a seat next to his good friend Maverick Carter.”  To which Dan Gilbert responded, “LeBron has 31 points, but you know what, Maverick Carter has 362 emails during this game alone, and that’s probably a new record.”  My thoughts on that…just my speculation here – Mav Carter probably does get 300+ emails a game, and he probably gets somewhere around 1000 a day.  And if I got that many emails, its possible that I might miss one, from say a mom who can’t wait to get some memorabilia up on ebay.  I am not referencing anyone specifically though, so don’t get “mad.” Back to references, this was the second time last night that Carter was referenced during the telecast.  Earlier in the game, the ball bounced into his hands courtside, and McLeod acknowledged Carter first by referencing him as a former gridiron star at St. V’sGilbert also added that he did play a couple of seasons of PG at Western Michigan.


More things I thought included…

Is it possible that if Delonte West continues to be activated, and used sparingly, that he could prove to be a distraction on the bench as the season wears on?

Any chance Gilbert gets fined for his commentary on the officials, both in general, and in last night’s game specifically?  I agreed with everything he said though for the record…

If you were the Cavs front office, would you be worried that LeBron could leave Cleveland because he won’t get the “calls” here?  Would he get those “calls” in New York

Could Dan Gilbert – new casino in toe – bring an NBA All Star Game to Cleveland one day…say maybe after LeBron wins three titles in this town?

More on that later…Cavs (11-4) off tonight…next up is the Charlotte Bobcats

Have a good Holiday!

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