Cavs beat Suns 109-91…LBJ does Richardson again

The Cavs played one of their best games of the year last night, and there are a number of positive takeaways to discuss.  Bullet points include, bouncing back on the road to beat a good team after a tough loss, the defensive intensity and effort on display in the second half, the encouraging effort by Delonte West for a third straight game, as well as others.   However, the point I would like to highlight is LeBron James’ propensity to include Jason Richardson in highlight reel related plays, while visiting the desert.

If you recall, the last time LeBron was in Phoenix, Jason Richardson attempted a 360 slam against the Cavs, but it didn’t go in.  To refresh your memory…

This time around, Jason wasn’t trying to win a dunk contest, just trying to play defense on LeBron.  Until James passed the ball between Richardson’s legs…gotcha…for an assist to Varejao

To be fair to Richardson though, he wasn’t the only Sun who found himself as the butt of a LeBron James highlight joke last night.  Stoudamire made an appearance as well…



Dunk on Amar’e: YouTube

Pass through Richardson’s legs:  YouTube

LBJ blocks Richardson’s 360:  YouTube

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