Cavs Rotation Questions: Go Big or Go Small?

Throughout the week, we will post a series of questions about the Cavaliers Rotation for the 2009-10 season that we imagine Mike Brown to be sitting at his desk with a number two pencil and some filler paper trying to work out answers to, in light of an off-season that saw the Cavaliers as a very active player.
Question 4 – Go Big or Go Small…
In addition to being projected as the best team in the Eastern Conference, the Cavaliers are probably the NBA’s most versatile as well.  As evidenced by the current rosterMike Brown has at his disposal the ability to go with a group that is as big as any team in the league, or a different unit that is arguably as quick.  
Going Big Huge:  
If LeBron James played the point, Danny Green was at the two, Jamario Moon the three, Ilgauskas the four, and Shaqat the five, that lineup would go 6’8″ – 6’6″ – 6’8″ – 7’3″ – 7-1.”  That’s enormous, and its not really all that far fetched from a reality standpoint.  If you want to argue – as I have before – that Z and Shaq may not be able to coexist on the court at the same time, that’s fine, I’ll give you that.  So then insert the 6’11” Varejao for Z and tell me why that lineup couldn’t play together for a stretch of five or ten minutes in a game.  The perimeter of LBJ, Green and Moonwould be fine in my opinion, and then you are just inserting two of your three bigs from there.  I would really like to see teams try to match-up with that, and I think defensively, that group would be okay.  If you want to say that teams will run on that lineup, well…as a reminder…first they need the rebound.
Going Quick:
On the flip side, the Cavaliers could roll out a group of rotation players that would be able to get up and down with anybody in the league.  With Mo Williams at the one, Delonte at the two,Jamario Moon the three, LBJ at the four, and Varejao at the five that group would be exciting.  The key to this equation, of course, is LBJ at the four.  Since playing for Coach K in the Olympics at that position, his development in the high post has seem to have been a focus of the LeBron’s.  In game five of the Eastern Conference Finals, he was deadly when he got the ball at the elbow area, and I asked Mike Brown through the t.v. all night why they went away from that in Game 6.  He didn’t answer me.  If they plan for it this year though, this line-up will be effective at times, no question.  
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