Cleveland Sports Blog Network: Canal Park

I wanted to thank Rick over at Waiting For Next Year for putting together the Cleveland Sports Blog Network outing last night at the Akron Aero’s Canal Park.  It was a good time, and  despite the fact that (3) Aero’s All Stars were still jet-lagged from the weekend, and subsequently scratched from the line-up, there were about (27) total runs scored during the first three innings.  On a Thirsty Thursday ($1 beers during innings one through three), that’s a good thing.  I also wanted to add that it was great meeting, and talking with Scott and Craig (WFNY),  as well as Vince from Cleveland Scene’s ‘64 and Counting, Don Delco from NoLogoNeeded, and the entire crew from Cleveland Frowns.  I hope to do more of this in the future, thanks for the invite fellas!

…Waiting For Next Year Re-Cap  …Cleveland Frowns Re-Cap 


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