Complete Lyrics: The Delonte West KFC Freestyle

In follow up to our Top 5 Lines from the Delonte West KFC Freestyle post, a new development has emerged.  Today, our good friends over at Cleveland Frowns have researched, and offered us, the complete lyrics to the KFC Freestyle, in a post that is worth your time. 

An excerpt from the post, and first verse – if you will – from the freestyle are below:

Cleveland Frowns:  “Whatever you think of the quality of Delonte’s creative efforts (for our part, we very much appreciate it), you can’t argue that creativity wasn’t involved. And don’t you find it at least a bit refreshing to see a video of famous folks rapping about a corporate product without the intervention of corporate production crews or distribution networks? … With that in mind, and on the assumption that Delonte is a pioneer in a better world where more and more take the responsibility to be creative into their own hands, we think it’s worth documenting such efforts.”

Complete Lyrics to Delonte West KFC Freestyle – Via Cleveland Frowns:

We sittin’ in the KFC parkin lot (riiight)
Mayyyn I just spent a fat knot (knooot)
About 47 dollas (dollaaas)
At the KFC you betta holla (hollaaa)
You know my cousin work here (heeere)
Got the hook up evry year
This sh*t ain’t got the grilled chicken (chickeeen)
I get the combo package with the ‘riginal recipe, uh
And the parfait (hey-hey)
Strawberreh sometimes choc-o-lit (uh)
And the apple pies, macaroni cheese (cheese)
Raspberry what? (what?)
Ice teeea (tea)
Got the big jug (jug)
Check my mug (muuug)
Check my swag (swaaag)
Put hot sauce in my bag (bag)
Hot sauce in my bag (extra extra)
Hot sauce in my bag (extra)
Hot sauce in my bag (extra)
extra hot sauce in my bag, uh (extra)

And…there is five more versus:  Go To Cleveland Frowns for Complete Lyrics to The Delonte West KFC Freestyle

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