Daniel Gibson Day at America’s Roller Coast

Wednesday August 5th is Daniel Gibson day at Cedar Point.  While I can’t think this will do much to increase attendance, I do think it is pretty ironic that he is the Cavalier player headlining at America’s Roller Coast.  If his career to date could be described as anything, it would be that of a roller coaster.  As a Cavalier, he has shown the ability to both elevate his game to the proverbial top of the Millennium Force, as well as plummet so far out of sight you’d think he was riding the Demon Drop.    

As a rookie, Gibson averaged 13.5 points per game in the Eastern Conference Finals.  As a 3rd year player, in this year’s Eastern Conference Finals, he averaged 3.7.  Drafted as a 2nd rounder that rookie season, he went on to average over 16 minutes per game in the regular season – outplaying the Cavaliers’ 1st round pick (Shannon Brown) who averaged 8.8.  This past season, cemented in the Cavaliers’ rotation, he averaged 24 minutes per game, but the production was far from consistently solid.  On December 6th, he played 31 minutes (at Charlotte) and scored 22 points.  Then on February 20th (at Milwaukee) he played 30 minutes and didn’t score once (0-5).  For the month of December, this past season, he played just over 20 minutes per game and averaged 10 per contest; not bad.  But in the month of March he again logged just over 20 minutes per game, and averaged 5; not good. 

Its been up and down the past few offseasons too.  In July of last year Gibson signed a multiyear extension with the Cavaliers, figuring to be a key rotation player for years to come.  Since that time though, the Cavaliers have traded for PG Mo Williams, refused to part with G Delonte West, most recently signed G Anthony Parker, and drafted the three point shooting Danny Green.  His days as a Cav appear numbered.  But its not all bad for Gibson though, he’s got a new girlfriend (Keisha Cole).  And if he ever does run out of the $3.7 mil guaranteed that he has been banking over the last couple years, he’ll always have her, right? 

So if you get the chance to cruise down to Sandusky on Wednesday, check Gibson out.  He’ll be at the 3 point challenge from 12-2, signing autographs.  And if you don’t do autographs, feel free to stop by and thank him for this:


Because regardless of the ride he takes Cavs fans on from here, his 31 point effort in game 6 will never be forgotten, and he’ll always have a place in Cleveland history…just like the Blue Streak.

Brendan Bowers

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