Delonte, my little cousin, and LeBron on Z

There are a lot of reasons why Delonte West is cool.  Not the least of which is the fact that he took a minute to take a picture with my little cousin this past weekend during a Black Friday shopping trip to Best Buy.  Appreciate that D-West!

Speaking of cool, LeBron James let it be known that he wasn’t cool with Mike Brown’s decision to give Z a DNP on the night he was scheduled to break Danny Ferry’s record for games played on Saturday.  Conspiracy theories abound as to whether this was a directive coming from Ferry himself in an attempt to preserve his record.  Just kidding. 

LeBron’s quotes are below – via the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Mary Schmitt Boyer:

“Me personally, I definitely thought he should have played. I’m not trying to stir up anything with coach or the organization. I don’t know who made the call. But sometimes one game is a smaller thing. What was on the line the day before yesterday was way bigger than us playing the Mavericks, and that was Z breaking the record to become the franchise leader in games played.  I stand behind Z and whatever Z feels at this point in time, I definitely — if I was in control of it — would have put him in, probably would have started him. You could have easily started him and subbed him right out and had the standing ovation from the fans with a timeout. If you didn’t want to play him, there were a lot of ways for that accomplishment to be accomplished…As a friend of his, I was very upset, and I know he was also.”

For more on LeBron’s comments earlier today, and a reaction from Mike Brown, go to

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