Delonte Can Cure What Ailed Cavs

I’m not trying to say the Cavs had mono…I mean they just lost two games really, but they weren’t right.  Even in the win Friday, there was something missing.  Or someone missing.  They were missing their best two guard.  They were missing their back-up point guard.  They were missing that little spark at that point in a game when you needed one.  They were missing defensive toughness on the perimeter.  They were missing one more guy that had the ability to stop a run by knocking down a perimeter three.  They were missing one more guy who could create his own shot.  One more guy that could find the open man.  Austin Carr was missing his favorite player…you know…the one from those same D.C. playgrounds he hails from.  In short, the Cavaliers were missing Delonte West…we all were.


Delonte returned last night, and got a standing ovation.  LeBron James appreciated it.  He was glad the fans did that, and acknowledged that we didn’t have to.  Appreciate that ‘Bron ‘Bron…kind of a refreshing statement for a pro athlete to make these days.  But that aside, we know we didn’t have to give Delontea standing O after the offseason he’s had.  But we wanted to.  We like the guy, and we forgave him before we ever even thought to be mad at him.  Fact is he’s human, and so are we.  But that’s a topic for another day.

Delonte West had  13 points, 2 assists and 1 steal last night as the Cavaliers beat the Bobcats by 11 (90-79) – I predicted 91-82 btw…pretty close, no? – but its not about the numbers with Delonte West.  If the Cavaliers added say a Stephen Jackson, a guy that scored twenty points per game throughout his career in the place of Delonte West the Cavs wouldn’t be better for it.  West averaged only 13 points and less than a handful of assists a game last year, but he fills so many other needs for this Cavaliers team.  I’d go back into those needs but I touched on them in the open.  Point is, you already knew that anyways.  That’s why you gave him a standing O. 

The Cavaliers are 2-2 now.  Same record they had after 4 last season.

Brendan Bowers

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