Delonte Case: We don’t know, what we don’t know

With still no answers forthcoming in the Delonte West arrest as to what he is currently using to transport his guitar why he was racing down the freeway on a three-wheeled motorcycle strapped up like Rambo, speculation is abuzz.  Bloggers to blame for that?  Not necessarily.  His father said there was someone coming for him.  Others assume he stopped taking ‘medication’.  But what is it your mother always said about people who assume? 

A word of caution from your mother’s favorite sports blog…

[ via – Cleveland Frowns: 

“…We’d all be better off, especially Delonte, if we refrained from making assumptions like those embedded in what the Beacon Journal’s Patrick McManamon wrote yesterday about Delonte,suggesting that the only “plausible explanation” for Delonte’s behavior would be that he ‘went off his meds’ for bipolar disorder or depression, conditions which Delonte has admitted struggling with in the past.  It’s bad enough that we don’t suppose that McManamon has the first clue as to whether Delonte was on any such medication in the first place, and that, as explained above, a young multi-millionaire in Delonte’s situation navigating urban DC has a more ‘plausible explanation’ for carrying a concealed weapon than anyone could possibly need…”

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