Wife Charges Delonte West With Domestic Violence

Cleveland Cavaliers player Delonte West and his wife reportedly got into a spat Saturday evening that ended with West’s wife filing a domestic violence report.

The two reportedly fought at their apartment when Delonte tried to take her wedding ring off. Mrs. West left their home and headed to Cleveland Hopkin’s International Airport, where she filed a domestic violence report.

The couple are said to be on the brink of divorce, which has been contributing to West’s erratic behavior that includes a weapons charge and missed practices in recent months. In the latest incident, Mrs. West said the NBA star got physical in their apartment. Police didn’t notice any visible injuries on her when the report was filed.

Tad Carper, Vice President of Communciatons with the Cleveland Cavaliers tells 19 Action News “the team was contacted and is aware of the situation but declined any further comment.”