Did LeBron file that request to change his number yet?

Lost in the #23/honoring MJ fiasco has been a little tidbit about LBJ’s future:
If Lebron truly decides to give up his number, he has to file his intentions in early March with the league office.  That is, unless, he plans to join another team next season.
This per ESPN’s article on November 14th discussing the number change:
“According to NBA rules, James has until March 5 to send a formal request to the league office to change his jersey number. That request, though, would be pertinent only if James re-signs with his hometown Cavs this summer. James is free to pick any available number if he signs with a new team for next season.”
Surprisingly this hasn’t gotten much ink since.  However, as Game 63 at home against Detroit approaches, I imagine it will.  
Should be interesting to see what his play is come that time.  Does David Stern allow him to bypass that policy to keep the mystery?  Does he file with the league and say it’s because he truly doesn’t have his mind made up, ya know, just in case?  Time will tell but I think at the very least it displays that Lebron’s comments about retiring 23 were spur of the moment.  It seems it’s going to force him to make a distracting decision before he has to make a final decision.
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