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As we sit here now, less than 24 hours from tipping off the 2009-10 season, it is certainly reasonable to assume that this season is just one of many more that LeBron James will spend playing as a Cavalier.  There also looms the possibility its his last.  It also stands to reason that the addition of Shaquille O’Neal might not work out as well as we have hoped.  Then again, there’s a pretty good chance it will.  Its possible that the tumultuous offseason had by Delonte West will serve as a distraction for this season’s Cavaliers.  There’s also a possibility it brings them closer.  Critics will argue that Mike Brown won’t be capable of blending all of the new faces into a cohesive rotation this season.  And as this season plays out, I believe he’s capable of proving them wrong.  There’s a chance Mo Williams could fade again in the 2010 playoffs.  There’s also a chance he thrives.  Leon Powe may come back healthy, or he may not come back at all.  Hickson might make a quantum leap forward, or he might keep forgetting the plays.  Daniel Gibson might be a consistent spark off the bench, or he might be an undersized streak shooter.  Zydrunas Ilgauskas may dominate the opposing second units, or he may be closer to retirement than we think.  The Cavaliers could win 60 plus games, or they could win 45.  Its like Kevin Garnett said when Adidas paid him to yell out impossible is nothing – Anything is poosssibbbbllllee! And while there are elements of uncertainty that surround any season in sports, this much is true for this one:  This is the most highly anticipated season for any Cleveland team in the last 30 years for good reason.  The Cavaliers have the ability to win the NBA championship.  They have a team and an organization that you can’t help but get behind.  Their pregame antics will be hilarious, and they are going to play hard more often than not.  Its going to be exciting.  And if that game seven somewhere in June comes down to that – your best guy verse our best guy – our guy’s better…at least for this year.

Brendan Bowers

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