Get to 2-2 and all is right with the world

After the 0-2 start I can’t say that I entered panic mode, but I was getting a little worried.  Maybe a bit more worried than I should have.  The Cavs got into the win column last night beating the Timberwolves on the road 104-87.  A game they should have won to be sure, but they still won it.  And with the Bobcats up next – a team better than Minnesota but not as good as Boston or Toronto – the Cavaliers have a good chance to get to 2-2, drive another hour on that 18-hour car ride they were talking about, and allow the city of Cleveland to exhale.

A look back…Cavaliers 104 Timberwolves 87:

Playing Through Shaq:

The best thing I saw last night was when the ball went into Shaquille O’Neal, who drew a double team, and then found a wide-open LeBron James cutting to the basket for an electric finish above the rim.  I don’t know if its just because we haven’t seen it since last season, but I swear LeBron (24-9-6) looks quicker, and his finishes look stronger than they did a year ago.  Is that possible?  Anyways, the fact the ball went into Shaq as many times as it did last night was encouraging.  Why?  Because he’s not drawing a double team unless he has the basketball.  And when he does, everything opens up, and the Cavaliers took advantage of that last night.  Sure Shaq’s line only read 6 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 assists, but if the NBAtracked hockey assists, hed have had a few more of those…like the time he found a cutting LBJ, who then found a cutting Varejao for an easy dunk.

Mo Williams:

Another good sign last night was Mo Williams.  Sure Jonny Flynn got his, but Jonny Flynn’s gonna get his every night.  Watch out for this kid, he’s going to be a star in this league for 10 years.  But offensively, was assertive, and he looked like an All Star, veteran PG last night for the first time this season (20-2-6).  And if he plays like he did Friday, on a consistent basis this season, he will be a legit second scoring option to LBJ, just like he was during the regular season last year.

Bench Production:

Benchwise, Boobie came in and shot it well.  He still shouldn’t have a Superman emblem in his head, but if he comes off the bench going 4 of 8 for 14 points, it won’t really bother me as much.  As for Ilgauskas, maybe calls to retire after two games were a bit premature.  He went for 15-5, and if the Cavaliers bench can consistently produce (29) points from their 6th and 7th man, look out.

A look forward….Cavaliers vs. Bobcats…Tonight at 7:30:

If the Bobcatsmade the playoffs this season occupying the 8th, 7th, or even 6th spot, I wouldn’t be all that surprised.  I don’t expect them to be a team to advance in the playoffs, but Larry Brown’s club will get there.  They beat the Knicks last night 102-100, and are 1-1 on this young season.  Expect Raja Bell and Flip Murray to be inactive again tonight, but even with those two guys – who figure to be key pieces for this club – in street clothes, the Bobcats will roll out a top-seven certainly capable of giving Cleveland a game.  I don’t expect them to beat the Cavaliers, and the Cavs should get to 2-2 tonight, but it will be a good test. 

The starting line-up should look like this for the bad guys:

1. PG – Raymond Felton
2. SG – Stephen Graham
3. SF – Gerald Wallace
4. PF – Boris Diaw
5. C –  Tyson Chandler

Key Reserves: D.J. Augustin, Vladimir Radmonovic

Score Prediction: Cavaliers by (9)…91-82

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