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If you are wondering why the postings been light the last few days it has nothing to do with a certain post that was up, and then it wasn’t.  It has more to do with the fact that I have been spending all my blogging time diming up anyone around the web that asks. 

In addition to the preview for MVN we did yesterday, I have a post up on Romy Aquino’s Hip Hoop Junkies SiteTo All the Raps We’ve Loved Before, updating Toronto Raptor fans on Anthony Parker and Jamario Moon’s time spent with the Cavaliers thus far in Cleveland.  

If you want to read what I wrote click here, but if you want to just read something interesting about each of these guys from their days on the Raptors, read what Romy had to say in that same post, which is below:

Anthony Parker:  “Parker played three seasons with the Raps, starting mostly at the shooting guard in T.O.  He played a little of the point guard position last year while Jose Calderon was down and fell out of the picture with Bryan Colangelo.  BC thought that a big part of the disappointment from last year was due to the weakness at his position and planned on bringing Parker off of the bench had he stayed with Toronto…”

Jamario Moon:   “Jamario Moon was one of the Raptors’ most entertaining and most frustrating players to watch.  Great athleticism, decent rebounder, good defense and a high flyer but also known for making a lot of bad shot decisions as a Raptor.  He was moved mid-last season with Jermaine O’Neal to the Miami Heat but is now with the Cavs alongside Anthony Parker…”


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