How Far Should Cavs Fall in Power Rankings?

While I didn’t make any comments in the comment box for the Bloguin Power Rankings, I did submit my teams as I saw them from 1-30 on Monday night.  I will be getting a voter badge shortly, which is known in some circles as a babe magnet…I’m really looking forward to that.  Nevertheless, I did rank the Cavaliers as Number 2personally.  After all the votes were tabulated, they came out at a Bloguin power position of Number 3. Then they dumped their opener, and lost last night to the Raptors – who feature the RuPaul of big men? And through those first two games, they’ve looked pretty confused out there…LBJ notwithstanding.  When the polls open again for the Power Rankings take two, how far should the Cavaliers fall?  Right now, I’m leaning towards somewhere between 5-10…but we’ll see…

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