Interview: Rap Group Behind “A Ring for the King”

After two singles released in successive Cavalier seasons, most Cavs fans are familiar with ‘those two white guys rapping about the Cavaliers’ – but –  who are they really?  Well, I’d tell you their government names but they don’t want their co-workers finding them out.  And its not why you think…they really can’t be signing CD’s all day…they have work to do.  Ever since Napster, the rap game just hasn’t been paying like it used. 

Nevertheless, StepienRules reached out to the street, and our conversation with the group that brought you most recently – A Ring for the King – is below…

StepienRules:  You guys are known as the ‘guys that make Cavalier rap songs’…do you have a formal name for your group?

Curse Breakers:Yeah, the Curse Breakers…my rap game name is Thrifty, my colleague goes by the pseudonym Truth.

StepienRules:  I’ve noticed in both of your singles – Notorious Cavs and A Ring for the King – you’ve sampled Cleveland’s own Bone Thugs n Harmony…is that a coincidence or by design?

Curse Breakers:  It was simply a coincidence that we utilized two of the finest rap songs ever to be created in Cleveland as the backdrops to our Cavs tributes. Bone is one of the best groups of all-time, and I hope one day we’ll be meeting a championship at the Crossroads because this city needs one badly.  We also do have some ideas for future jingles that branch out of the Mo Thugs family tree as well. 

StepienRules:  Do you have any plans for a mid-season song, or are you guys strictly an album per year type artist?

Curse Breakers:  Some ideas are in the mix but time will only tell what will be released next.  We may have to create a “Free Delonte” song after hearing about his recent indictment.  Hoping nothing but the best for him.  He provides such a spark to this team, and I think he might be the funniest person on the planet.


StepienRules:  Speaking of Delonte, of the recent list of Cavalier rappers – Joe Beast, D-West, Mo Williams aka Fog Raw, and newly acquired Shaq-Fu – who has the tightest flow in your opinion?

Curse Breakers:  (Truth) No beating Delonte and his style.  (Thrifty) Delonte, hands down.  He is like the 2009 version of ODB – random, incoherent, and hilarious.

StepienRules:  Does LeBron re-sign with the Cavaliers next year?  Does he go to New York, New Jersey, or somewhere else?

Curse Breakers:  (Truth) Bron is Ohio for life.  (Thrifty) I have no worries that LeBron will leave.  He has an opportunity to leave a worldwide legacy from his hometown the likes of which hasn’t been seen since a preacher from Bethlehem.  Jesus didn’t have to go to New York to become a historical icon.  Neither does LeBron.

StepienRules:  How long did it take you guys to make the record A Ring for the King – video included?

Curse Breakers:  (Truth) The song was written in a couple of weeks and with studio time priced so highly, we got it recorded in under an hour.  (Thrifty) It gets expensive bribing your girlfriend’s parents to let you use their home computer to record songs, so we had to complete our composition quickly.

StepienRules:  How long have you guys been rapping?

Curse Breakers:  (Thrifty) I started at an early age, but stepped into my prime in my high school years at Lake Catholic writing battle raps in study hall with fellow classmates.  We had judges who would give us a topic, we’d make fun of each other in raps, and whoever the judges picked as the winner would get a slushy.

StepienRules:  Notorious Cavs or  A Ring for the King…which one are you most proud of?

Curse Breakers:  (Truth) Notorious Cavs will always be the fav cause it was the first…just like our city’s championship that we’ll be getting soon.  (Thrifty) I crunch numbers at work to both of them.  Notorious Cavs is more of a fire-me-up intro song.  A Ring for the King is the chill-out song that you dream of championships to.  I can already see the confetti falling from the rafters at the Q onto LeBron and the Diesel.  Z cracking a brew at halfcourt to celebrate…

StepienRules:  What is your favorite lyric for both “Notorious Cavs” and “A Ring for the King?”

Curse BreakersNotorious Cavs – “We’ve even got more James than Worthy” ; A Ring for the King – “People in Parma call me the BIG PIEROGEE”

StepienRules:  Any other projects in the works…non Cavs related possibly?

Curse Breakers:  Stay tuned for future singles to be released.  We’re considering creating some other Cleveland – based songs for the Indians and Browns.  Maybe in a few years we’ll have enough for an album.  for now, its just Notorious Cavs and A Ring for the King – but stay tuned!

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