LBJ The Movie Star…Applaud Him Cleveland

There are some Cavalier fans who claim that the summer of promotion LeBron James’ has embarked upon is a sign of complacency for the NBA’s most recent MVP.  They think he should be in the gym working on his game.  They don’t think he should be on a worldwide tour promoting MTAG, writing a book with Buzz Bissinger, plastering his face all over news outlets like GMA and the Daily Show, as well as making after school special appearances with the President of the Kanye West fan club.  

And I am going to guess they are not big fans of the most recent news that LeBron James is scheduled to play himself in the upcoming comedy Fantasy Basketball Camp.

However, I can’t disagree more. 

This is the best thing to happen to Cleveland since Commodore Perry won the Battle of Lake Erie


I am of the opinion that what LeBron James is doing this summer is settling in.  He is turning his Cleveland house into a home, and instead of waiting for New York to provide the exposure that brings documentaries seen world wide, best selling books, movie parts, and interviews on shows that non-NBA fans watch religiously, he is going out and making those things happen for himself.  He should be applauded for that ’round here, and his marketing team should be too.

If anyone should take a little time off from the daily grind of the NBA it is LeBron James at this point in his career.  He hasn’t had an offseason yet in his NBA career, and after advancing in the playoffs each of the last five years, and then spending his summers competing for USA Basketball, I see nothing wrong with him not going hard this July, August, and September.  What detriment is that going to really provide anyways?  He should chill for a minute, and so should the people who think he shouldn’t.  Because when next summer comes around, he is going to already have everything the bright lights of New York have to offer.  And who likes packing up all those boxes and moving if they don’t have to.     

Brendan Bowers

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