LeBron In The Booth…Don’t Do It!

In the midst of an offseason which has featured Cleveland Cavalier rap news hitting the web on a routine basis, I was a little nervous when LBJ took to the DJ Booth this past weekend…pictured below:

lbj rap 1

For a second I thought he had 16 bars up his sleeve for Akron.  For a second I thought Fog Raw and MC Colonel Sanders were going to take the stage too.  I even thought a cameo from Joe Beast and Shaq Diesel was a possibility.  And for the next second I just hoped I was wrong.  There is no way it would come off cool if LeBron rapped.  Didn’t work for AI, isn’t working for Ron Artest, and it didn’t work for Chris Mills and his posse way back in the day either.

But I think LeBron knows that too.  Because he just stood there for a second, nodded his head, and left before the thought of laying down a track ever crossed his mind.  Thankfully.

LeBron did say his favorite song out right now…We Run This Town – Jay – Z, Kanye, Rhianna

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