LeBron on His New Shoe: The LBJ VII

Via Will Brinson at FanHouse:

On the new VII’s and how they compare to previous shoes:

“It’s not simple, but it is simple. It’s not simple for us, but for the guys who make it it is simple. The flywire all around and it makes the shoe, lighter and hold up for better wear and tear over the course of the season and the lighter the shoe the better. The full airbag gives it that comfort throughout the whole foot, not just the back of the foot or the heel or the front or the middle, so that technology – that technology that we have at Nike has given us options, has given us a way to create a shoe that we’re going to see a lot of shoes follow it.

I like the LBJ VII’s but I don’t think I will be purchasing a pair.  The reason is, for me, as a rec league basketball player about 10 years past his prime, and 5 years past a point where I could legitamately be proud of the type of shape I was in, all the technology that this shoe boasts isn’t going to do for me what I need a shoe to do on the basketball court…allow me to play a full half – straight – without begging for a sub to allow myself to sit down, drink water, and talk my heart out of racing from my chest.  Maybe Nike will develop that technology with the VIII’s, but until they do, I’ll have to leave the LBJ’s on the shelf for a youngster to buy.

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