More of the same tonight…Grizzlies up next

Cavalier Fans, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching our Cavs get back to absolutely dismantling teams. We’re in a nice little stretch right now and things should continue tonight against the lowly Grizzlies.  Maybe that dud in Charlottewas the best thing that could’ve happened to them.  Since then they have decimated two of the elite teams out West in Dallas and Phoenix and did what they should do to the Bulls and the Bucks.  A few things that I’ve observed over that stretch, that I hope to see continue tonight:
Delonte West’s having fun:  Obviously he has played well but it’s quite obvious now that he’s enjoying himself as well.  AC astutely pointed this out on the court, and it looks like he’s even got a new custom-made handshake with Lebron.  The dancing and carrying on leaves something to be desired with me but it’s always fun to see people enjoying what they do. I’m sure it does a lot for Delonte’s psyche as well.
Z’s jumpers been found:  He’s also been seen on the offensive glass as well.  Ironically things turned around after DNP-gate.  As hurtful as that seemed to be to him it seems to have fueled him a bit as well.  He shot 50% in the last 3 with 8 offensive boards averaging just over 10 and 6.  We’ll take that from big Z.  Combined with Shaq that’s over 20 and 12 from the 5 spot in the last three games.
Mo is scorching:  During the streak he’s 15-26 from the 3 pt line.  He also played pretty solid D on Brandon Jennings on Sunday.  Mo’s much of the reason why Lebron has only had to take 15 shots a game and has allowed him to become “distributor” Lebron for very long stretches in games.
Boobie’s mid-range game:  In the last 4 Boobie has taken 17 of his 24 shots from inside of 3 pt range and hitting 59% of them.  Over the whole season Gibsonhas only shot just over 40% from inside the line.  We’ve seen him start to use that floater and also incorporate a little bit of a midrange game.  I gotta give it to Daniel.  He’s apparently worked very hard this offseason on his game and getting himself back healthy.  On a side note his idea to shave a picture of himself in his hair is beyond hilarious.
Resigning Andy was the best move this offseason:   And certainly the least publicized.  He’s a true pleasure to watch.  The guy plays like the “35 year old at a high school open gym” guy.  100 mph at all times.  His ability to finish in traffic has improved leaps and bounds since his “I’m gonna take it to Tim Duncan one on one with the Finals on the line” days.

Shaq’s burn:  Shaq’s played over 25 min seven times this season.  The Cavs are 3-4. But I love him in stretches and he outplayed Dwight Howard in there only meeting this year and that’s the reason he’s here.
Say what you want aboutLeBron, but his teammates are playing really well and he’s been more than happy to feed them.  That’s what you have to love about Lebron.  He’s a hell of a leader and always knows the pulse of his team.  There is no doubt in my mind that the moment his comrades hit a cold streak he’ll get back into “don’t F with me mode.”
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