More on Cavs-Bulls…Tonight at 8

On the Bulls:

Since last month, Chicago has lost Ty Thomas, Jannero Pargo, and Kirk Hinrich to injury. But the team has also been consistently strong on defense, and  Taj Gibson is getting more comfortable in his role in the lineup.  Derrick Rose, meanwhile, is slowly awakening from his bum-ankle-induced slumber, and looks poised to be a threat tonight.

On the Cavs:

The key to winning this game tonight will be the same as what won their last two games: defense. The Cavs need to play great defense for the entire game. All four quarters. They let up a bit in the 2nd half against Phoenix, but having a 28 point cushion will allow you to ease up on D.

Look for Mike Brown to try two lineup types tonight:

1) The lineup that consists of people who can dish the ball to Shaq for an easy bucket.
2) The super-stretchy athletic lineup. This lineup will be smaller, and will probably see Moon get a lot of playing time. Which means we’ll also be treated to one or more LeBron-Jamario alley-oops.

Probable Starting Lineups:

Position Chicago


PG Derrick Rose  Mo Williams
SG John Salmons  Anthony Parker
SF Luol Deng LeBron James
PF Taj Gibson JJ Hickson
C Joakim Noah Shaquille O’Neal


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