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Ugh, the Wizards…

Editor’s Note:  I asked Bill if he wanted to post his thoughts on the game last night via text message at 9:44pm.  To which he replied:  Can’t.  Didn’t watch the game.  Knew the L was comin.  Had it tivoed to watch later.  Needed to save myself 3 hrs of anger and stress tonight.  He has since watched the game – sans commercials – and his thoughts are as follows: 
No worries Cavs fans.  I saw this L coming from a mile away and deep down a lot of you must have as well.  We were on a road back-to-back while the Wizards were coming off 3 days rest.  They got back the one Wizard that I can stomach looking at, Antawn Jamison, and we were down our two bigs Andy and his Shaqness.  Of course we remember how valuable Shaq can be against the Wizards.  The bottom line is that the deck was stacked against us and the Wizards always seem to get up for us like it’s a Finals game.  No need to fret.  A new streak will begin Friday.
On Delonte…
To be perfectly honest I can’t imagine a better fit for the Cavs than one Stephen Jackson.  With Lebron’s leadership and Jackson’s respect for Coach Brown he would have transformed from a malcontent on a bad team into a nice piece on our contending Cavs.  Now that that ship has sailed Delonte MUST, I repeat MUST, capitalize. 

  With all of the problems he’s going through he needs things as stable and constant as possible, and he was probably closer than he realizes to having his whole life and career uprooted.  Don’t think for a second that Danny Ferry didn’t think of that as well.  Danny is one of sport’s nice guys.  I don’t believe that was the reason Ferry didn’t pull the trigger because he knows he owes more to this organization and its fans than he does to Delonte, but I would bet it was on his “cons” list when evaluating the trade.  Be thankful Delonte that you’re not away from your teammates that you’ve grown to love and looking for an apartment in Oakland right now.  It’s time to get right and stay right.  We know you have it in you.  You overcame this last season and became a fan favorite and remain a fan favorite.  We’re all pulling for you.  If you ball the way you did last year passing on Stephen Jackson will be forgotten. 

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