Most Dangerous NBA Cities

I stumbled upon the headline Most Dangerous Cities 2009  earlier today, and clicked on it to see how we fared here in Cleveland.  Number 8 overall is the answer.  I wonder how we would rank in terms of danger when compared to other NBA cities, I then asked myself.  Turns out the Cavaliers call the fourth most dangerous NBA city home.  A comparative list, summarized from the work done by the good folks at CQ Press, is after the jump…  

Most Dangerous NBA Cities:

1.   Golden State Warriors (Oakland, CA – #3 overall)
2.   Detroit Pistons (Detroit, MI – #4 overall )
3.   New Orleans Hornets (New Orleans, LA – #6 overall)
4.   Cleveland Cavaliers (Cleveland, OH – #8 overall)
5.   Memphis Grizzlies (Memphis TN – #10 overall)

The next five include:

6. Washington Wizards (Washington, DC – #16 overall)
7. Orlando Magic (Orlando, FL – #17 overall)
8. Atlanta Hawks (Atlanta, GA – #18 overall)
9. Philadelphia 76ers (Philadelphia, PA – #21 overall)
10. Indiana Pacers (Indianapolis, IN – #28 overall)

For complete and comprehensive list from CQ Press, click here.

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