MTAG Hits Theatres Near You

Kristopher Bellman’s More Than A Game documentary is scheduled for release at selective theatres tomorrow.  I saw the movie about a month ago, and if I were a movie critic named J.R., I would give it two thumbs up…if I were Ebert and Roper I’d give it four. Sorry about that…just go see the movie, its good, I swear…

An excerpt from my review at the Akron Civic Theatre screening is as follows:

“If you think that MTAG is just about inner-city hoop dreams made good, or its a LeBron James documentary, you’re incorrect. This is a movie about friendship, loyalty, and dreams. Its far from basketball-centric, and I believe that anyone who watches it can relate to its message.  If you think you know everything there is to know about theLeBron James / SVSM story, this movie will show you that you don’t.  And if you don’t think that this movie will inspire you to some degree, it will.  I heard the guy behind me talking before the movie about how he had seen it in Chicagoalready and cried.  I thought to myself, I’ll probably like this movie, but c’mon…no way I cry.  And then I cried…go ahead, make fun of me, I don’t care.”

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