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Over the last few days the names of possible Cavalier trade targets have surfaced, first reported on by Brian Windhorst.  Today, Rick has a post up on WFNY taking a closer look at those players – Anthony Randolph, Antawn Jamison, and Troy Murphy– and I recommend you click here to read his full piece on the subject.  An excerpt of Rick’s summary on each rumored trade possibility is below, followed by what I’d be willing to spend in return for each player, if I was tall enough to go by the government name of Daniel John Willard Ferry.

via WFNY, Rick:

Anthony Randolph:

“Randolph is in his second year. He averages 11.4 points, 6.5 rebounds, 1.3 blocks in just under 23 minutes per game. His PER is 17.82. (For those looking to compare, Hickson averages 7.4 points, 3.8 boards, 0.4 blocks in 19 minutes a contest. His PER is 13.7.)… He certainly doesn’t stretch the defense like the Cavs are looking for. He would be an asset on defense however…”

Antawn Jamison:

“Antawn Jamison is the old man in this group. He’s by far the most polished offensive player in this group. He averages a hair under 21 points per game and grabs 8.5 rebounds…He has been a bit banged up this season, but fights through it. In fact, he has missed a total of 30 games in the past 5 seasons for the Wizards…He is due to make $13,358,905 next season, and $15,076,715 the following year.”

Troy Murphy:

“ESPN’s Chad Ford said Murphy makes the most sense for the Cavs…[but] Let’s hold on a minute.  Murphy may be a good three-point shooter, and his 6′11″ frame can usually get a shot over smaller forwards, but is his defensive liabilities worth taking on his deal for next year? Maybe.  Murphy isn’t the answer to the screen and roll problem. He also isn’t going to help in transition defense…He will rebound, and he can shoot from outside the paint.” 

What I’d be willing to trade for each player:

Now let me first say, the intent of the players listed below is to provide an answer to the question, ‘how much do I want to see the Cavs get that guy.’  I am not presupposing the other team would go for this deal, I’m just saying this is how much I’d be willing to give up for each player.

Anthony Randolph:

J.J. Hickson for Anthony Randolph straight up seems fair to me, and I’d make that trade if possible.  Hickson has a high ceiling, and I do think he will be a better player than Randolph offensively one day, but the Cavs need someone that can improve their defense of opposing fours right now, and Randolph can do that, Hickson can’t.  If pressed, I’d consider throwing in Gibson as well, but would rather not.  I wouldn’t trade Z for Randolph. 

Antawn Jamison:

I’d be willing to trade Z, J.J. Hickson, and Daniel Gibson for Antawn Jamison.  I consider going a bit farther, but I’d draw the line at Delonte West.  No Varejao either, but maybe Jamario Moon, maybe a first round pick, depending.  I know his contract is big, and has a couple more years on it, but I’d just do like our government does – spend now, worry later.  A starting line-up of Mo Williams, Anthony Parker, LeBron James, Antawn Jamison, Shaquille O’Neal, bringing Andy and Delonte off the bench?  Wow. 

Troy Murphy:

I know Murphy is tall, can shoot threes, and grab rebounds, but I don’t know.  The Cavs already shoot the three as good as anybody, and there don’t seem to be too many problems getting boards, so what’s the use really?  The Cavs need someone to guard an opposing stretch four more than they need someone who can step out and be one offensively, and while Murphy’s got the O, he doesn’t have the D.  That said, I’d entertain the idea of trading Z for him, but that’s it.  And as fan, I’m not doing cartwheels if the Cavs trade Z for Murphy.  

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