NBA-a-thon: Top-10 Resolutions for 2010

Take two for the Bloguin networks NBA-a-thon series is up this morning, and a special shout out to our boy Lives and the Knicks Fanatics for lacing this together.  An excerpt from their assembly of NBA cheers and jeers is as follows:

“We have identified the top 10 resolutions of common people and since there is nothing common about you, we have modified, reshaped and recast them for you, the thinking sports fan. With help from the great NBA writers in the Bloguin network, we could not think of a better vehicle than our second NBA-A-Thon, a carnival of some of the best work in the blogosphere. With a nod to Don at With Malice, who started us off with  NBA-A-Thon #1, we present NBA-A-THON #2 and hope that all your wishes and resolutions come true in 2010…”

Read More, check out the Top Ten Resolutions for 2010 NBA-a-thon Style


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