NBA Draft: A Look Back

Shaquille O’Neal talk aside, the Cavaliers need to come out of Thursday’s NBA draft with a rotation player that can help this roster next season.  Who is that player you ask?  I am not sure I can tell you that.  But what I can do, is look back at draft picks gone by, and tell you who they should have taken…and imagine that guy standing next to LeBron in the parade we never had last week…Anyways, I digress, and present you with the 2004 NBA draft:

With the 10th pick, of the 2004 NBA Draft, the Cleveland Cavaliers select…Luke Jackson, Oregon.

– and that would be the highlight of Luke’s NBA career.  Current whereabouts of Jackson are unknown –

The following (4) picks may have been better:

Al Jefferson – 15th overall

Josh Smith – 17th overall

J.R. Smith – 18th overall

Jameer Nelson – 20th overall

But who’s to say for sure…

Brendan Bowers

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