No Way Marc Stein Can Even Believe Himself

I know every “reporter” in mainstream media is currently weighing in with their ‘where will LeBron land now that the Cavs are 4-3 and he will certainly not re-sign with them now’ theories, and I know this one is from Friday and you probably already heard about it by now, and I know that as recently as today Chris Sheridan is writing that LeBron obviously meant he was going to sign with Miami after his remarks in New York about max dollars not being his driving influence – BUT – this offering from Marc Stein is so ridiculous and far-fetched, I just had to chime in on it…albeit late…my apologies, I was in Chicago this weekend…

Marc Stein’s remarks in question are as follows:

“We repeat: The host city for the 2010 All-Star Game is Long Shot City. That said, Dallas has more in its favor than you think.

Dirk Nowitzki would appear to be the best big man LeBron could conceivably hook up with next summer, which would also mean playing with the Mavs’ lead recruiter and James’ close friend Jason Kidd.

It doesn’t hurt that LeBron is said to be fond of the area and undoubtedly loves the Cowboys as much as or more than he loves the Yankees. Or that Mark Cuban was the NBA’s original spare-no-expense owner in the new millennium.”


“LeBron loves the Cowboys as much or more than he loves the Yankees” – I can’t even respond to that.  Is Mark Cuban going to offer him a max deal, season tickets and a Tony Romo jersey? 

And “close friend” or not, how many years does Stein think Jason Kidd has left?  When LeBron’s 30 Kidd would be collecting social security if he wasn’t already a millionaire. 

And the “spare no expense owner of the new millennium?”  I think Dan Gilbert might have something to say about that too. 

Marc, please, I know you guys at ESPN are working on a quota which forces you to concoct a new ‘LeBron will go play for [insert any team in the NBA regardless of logic here] theory’ every day before lunch in the cafeteria, but this even has Skip Bayless wondering where you came up with that.  You are making that LeBron to the Lakers theory sound plausible here. 

Brendan Bowers

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