Podcast debuts…Cavs win 101-87

Glenn and I kicked off our Wine and Gold Pregame Podcast yesterday, and the Cavaliers went on to win 101-87 over the Bulls…coincidence? Yeah I know, none whatsoever.  Nevertheless, if you missed it, feel free to check it out here.  We’ll be back on Sunday to recap the Cavs-Bulls game, as well as preview the match-up with Brandon Jennings and the Milwaukee Bucks up next on the docket.  In recapping Friday’s win – which moved the Cavs to 14-5 on the season – we will be sure to offer our thoughts on the LBJ -Noah confrontation, as well as the dancing on display yesterday night.  For now, we offer you the thoughts and opinions of those esteemed bloggers we call friends:

On LeBron and Noah – Waiting For Next Year, Denny:

“At one point LeBron did a shimmy or a flexing thing or something after a foul call, and Joakim Noah called him out on it from the bench, which led to LeBron leaving the foul line and jawing at Noah. At first it prompted a bit of ‘WTF’ from me, but after I read Eamonn Brennan’s tweet that said Noah told LeBron his flexing was ’so corny’, I changed my tune. I think it’s 1) good on Noah for having the cajones to say this and 2) funny. As I wrote last weekend, LeBron act is starting to wear on me a bit. His whining and posturing aren’t my jam…I’m likely in the minority (especially here) on this one, but whatever. That’s my opinion.”

Dancing over the Bulls – KingJamesGospel, Cody:

“Both on and off the floor, the Cavs bench shined again tonight (Friday). From dance moves to spin moves the Wine and Gold reserves played stylish basketball and contributed 40 points of offense to the 101-87 victory over the Chicago Bulls.   LeBron and Company showed flashes of last year’s fun-spirited squad and danced their way to a fourteen point advantage.  The King busted out all his (dance) moves in a 23 point and 11 assist night to lead the Wine and Gold to their 11th win in 13 games.”

What LeBron and Noah said about it Cleveland.com, Windhorst:

Noah: “You’re losing the way you’re losing and guys are rubbing it in your face, dancing and all that,” Noah said. “I have a lot of respect for LeBron. It’s just a frustrating situation.” James: “I think he was more frustrated about the way he played as an individual and didn’t help his team win,” James said. “It is nothing against the Bulls, it is nothing against Joakim or any of those guys.  It’s nothing new, we have fun. It happened all last year.”



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