Prince of Fresh Air…Did McLeod Think of That?

I tweeted this very question last night as soon as the words came out of Freddy Mac’s mouth, and it is an important question…at least for me.  When McLeod first took over I couldn’t stand him.  Homerism defined, the other team was always seemingly a group of misfits to his perfect collection of Cavaliers.  A company’s man, company man…very annoying.  As time wore on he grew on me some, and while he’s not as annoying to me now, he never really did anything to make me say that guy is kinda cool because..[insert act of coolness here].  However, if McLeod came up with this nickname for JJ Hickson – The Prince of Fresh Air – I have to take a step back and just offer Fred a genuine helping of ‘props.’  That’s as solid of a nickname as I’ve heard in some time.  And even if he overheard the Cavaliers calling him that in practice, I’d still give him that same knuckled up dap for popularizing the term. 

On JJ Hickson…

The aforementioned Prince of Fresh Air played like an All Star again last night in the Cavaliers 114-108 win over the Warriors…9 of 9 from the floor for 21…yikes.  He connected on a lob from LeBron, and styled on the rim more than once last night, and if you didn’t know it yet, the young man’s got some swagger to him these days.  Hickson is legit and could be the third best player on this team by the time the season’s over.

On Daniel Gibson…

I’m impressed by Gibson.  I’ve been hard on him in the past but maybe I was wrong.  He said he had been hurt the last two seasons, and you know what, maybe he was.  He’s healthy now and he looks good, repping Superman, Texas, headbands, or otherwise.  He went for 13 last night, and has stepped in for Delonte far better than anyone could have ever imagined.

Tonight vs. Wiz…

Will Glibert Arenas’ fiancee be picking Shaq up from the airport?  Sorry about that.  Shaq will be out tonight, so will Andy.  Look for another big night from the King, Prince, and Mo.  Hopefully we can push this thing out to 9-3…I can’t stand the Wiz.  Check me out on twitter tonight.  

Score Prediction:  Cavaliers 104 – Wiz 86. 

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