Chris Paul Joins LBJ On Akron’s Court

New Orleans’ Hornet Chris Paul made a cameo in Akron on Friday, joining LBJ for a shoot-around at Nike’s MTAG Tourstop.

As I stood there courtside I got to thinking that it makes sense CP3 and LBJ are friends.  They have a lot in common.  They’re both Nike guys, both won Rookie of the Year Awards, both are perennial All Stars, both have taken their teams to the playoffs, and both won Gold Medals this past Olympics. 

cp 1

And as I continued to stand there, I realized there is just about nothing that these world-class athletes have in common with me.  I touched the bottom of the bracket that attaches the rim to the backboard one time when I was 21 and considered myself an outstanding leaper for about a week. 

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