Serving 3’s overseas: Damon Jones

We will be running a new regular series of posts going forward into the new year titled Hooping on Foreign Hardwoods, which is designed to give you a quick update on the overseas careers of former Cleveland basketball players.  I say ‘Cleveland’ because while we will update you on former Cavaliers, our updates could also include a player that is in some way connected to the Cavaliers, or the Cleveland area.  

Hooping on Foreign Hardwoods: Damon Jones

We start today with a guy that used to serve 3’s on a platter during his days with the Cavs, and all joking aside, he did hit a couple big shots while he was here too.  Nowadays, he’s currently serving those threes with a side of linguini.   



Playing this season in Italy for Martos Napoli, Damon Jones has appeared in all 9 games this season starting in mid-October.  He is currently averaging 13.3 points in 36 minutes of action per game, along with just over 2.5 rebounds and assists respectivey.  His high game to date was on November 28th where he totaled 22 points on 6 of 10 shooting from 3 point land.  In his most recent game against Banca Tercas (12-20) he scored 18 points, on 4 of 16 shooting from beyond the arc.  So he’s getting his shot off.  But if I was the best shooter in the universe, and I traveled all the way to Italy, I think 16 three point attempts in a game would be only fitting.  Keep shooting Damon, Salud!

Photo via Riccardo Siano

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