Shaq Versus: Good Sign For Cavs Fans

When a 4th grade student is in science class, and they don’t know the answer to the teacher’s question, they’ll slump down in their chair, avoid eye contact, and do everything possible to not to be called on. If Shaq were in 4th grade, he’d be the equivalent to the 4th grader with his hand up in the air, jumping out of his desk.

Whether its by tweeting his way into the news, offering dance tributes to Michael Jacksonsigning basketballs in China for earthquake victims , or now stepping to the plate to outslug Albert Pujols in ABC’s new reality show – Shaq Versus– the Big Fella is doing everything he can to make sure that everyone’s paying attention when the Cavaliers call on him to answer this question next season: Does Shaq have anything left in those size 22’s? 

At age 37, the NBA’s age equivalent to Tom Watson, there are a lot of people who say no.  But the ex-Shaqtus sure seems motivated to at least make sure that as many people as possible are watching him when exam time comes around. Looks like he might think he’s got plenty left in the tank.  Would he be generating all this attention – even for Shaq – if he thought he didn’t?  In a way, by squaring off against the greats from other sports – in their respective primes -he is almost throwing his hand in the air to say that he still is a great in his sport…and even if he’s just thinking that at this point, you have to be encouraged as a Cavaliers’ fan.  

Whatever the motivation is, whether its to cement his legacy, be the first in the Kobe-Shaq saga to five titles, or to win a ring for the King, a motivated Shaq might just be the missing piece for Cleveland. Even if you think Shaq’s a far cry from his days as the MDE, if he’s motivated, there is no arguing that he is at least amongst the most dominant big men in the league – even still.  Now just hope he doesn’t throw out his shoulder doing the butterfly verse Mike Phelps.

Brendan Bowers

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