Shaq’s New Nickname? Won’t be one of these 26 old ones…

As Cleveland waits for Shaq to announce his new Cavalier Nickname – because we don’t have that much else to do – I wanted to take an opportunity to list (26) of the nicknames I could remember, or find, that O’Neal has given himself in the past.

This list of nicknames does not include referring to Eric Dampier as ‘Erica,’ the Sacramento Kings as ‘Queens,’ our transforming his name into words like ‘Shaq-tastic,’ or random acts of ‘Shaq-ness.’

Credit Basketbawful for their 2007 post on the subject: Shaq’s Top 13 Nicknames .  If you think this list is funny, you would find the detailed effort provided by Basketbawful hilarious.

In no particular order, a list of 26 nicknames Shaq has given himself in the past:

The Big Twitterer – for his propensity to tweet

Manny Shaq-iaou– Shaq Vs. Oscar De (Manny Pacquiaou)

The Big Aristotle – a reference to his greatness, which enabled him to win the MVP Award

Shaq Fu– From his rap days with Fu Schinkens

The Big Deporter– For eliminating – or deporting – foreign born players Rik Smits and Arvydys Sabonis from the 2000 Playoffs

Wilt Chamberneazy – Tribute to Wilt the Stilt

The Big eQuotatious – for deliverying consistently funny quotes or soundbites

The Big Maravich – for making (9) free throws in a row against Portland once in the playoffs

M.D.E (Most Dominant Ever)– after averaging 40 ppg in the Finals

The Big Baryshnikov – comparing his footwork under the hoop to the Russian dancer

The Big Agave – I have no idea

The Big Galactus – I imagine some type of universe reference

The Real Deal

Witness Protection– protection of LeBron James

Superman – Man of Steel

Diesel– Diesel Engine

Shaq Daddy – coined when Sean Combs called himself Puff Daddy

The Big Felon – for making a game saving steal against Orlando

The Big Field General– nickname he gave himself in Shaq Vs. Big Ben

Shaqovic – not sure

The Big IPO – because his stock continues to rise
Shaq-tus – playing amongst the cactus in Phoenix

L.C.L – Last Center Left

Dr. Shaq – claimed to be a PHD
Osama Bin Shaq – for terrorizing Keith Van Horn under the boards in the 2002 Playoffs
The Big Banana – For peeling life out of the NJ Nets in the playoffs

What Shaq’s official new nickname becomes remains to be seen.  Personally, I am partial to the Shaq-alier, however I am not Shaq, and it is therefore not up to me.

Hat Tip: Basketbawful

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