The Ariza Developments Are Encouraging

Trevor Ariza would have been a nice fit for this team, and the news would have been better had he bailed on Houston and signed with the Cavaliers, but at the end of all this, you have to be encouraged by the developments reported by Chris Broussard today if your a Cavaliers fan.  And I know the following quote…

“Trevor asked LeBron if he would be in Cleveland after next season,” the source said. “And LeBron said, ‘I’ll be there. Of course, I’ll be there.'”  

…from a person close to Ariza was later denied by LeBron’s camp, but if your searching for the truth in this battle of he said the King said, I would have to say the former report would seem to carry more weight than the latter. 

First reason, Chris Broussard is really not all that much of a hack.  I find him credible, as do most people, and I find it hard to believe that he would have written what he wrote this morning if a person close to Trevor Ariza didn’t actually say that to him.  This isn’t Steven A. Smith we are talking about here, and beyond that, what motive would Broussard have for writing that if it wasn’t true?  Furthermore, if someone relatively close to Ariza did tell him that, what vested interest does that person have in making it up? 

As for the denial fromLeBron’s people, well the first thing I’d say is that it didn’t come from LeBron James himself directly.  And what did you expect his camp to say?  If you think LeBron gets a lot of publicity now, just wait until this next NBA season unfolds.  The longer he remains publically uncommitted past 2010, the more and moreSportscenter will become LeBron James News at 6, as every talking head in America will jump in front of a camera nightly to debate the tireless question of will he stay or will he go?  And while the guy is obviously not hurting for publicity, I would think that every little bit helps when your building a brand, image, and a corporation, with the end goal in mind of one day becoming the first billionaire athlete.  If LeBron goes on record now as saying he isn’t going anywhere, ESPN will be forced to go back to Brett Farve and Terrell Owens show, and I have to think that even the folks up in Bristol are getting sick of those stories.  

Brendan Bowers

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