The NBA’s Top Twitter-ers

Nick Koudas, CEO and founder of Sysomos Inc, sent me a link to an interesting study that was conducted on his website recently about the way NBA Players were using Twitter.

In the study, they broke down the NBA’s team of Tweeters into a variety of categories, which includes the following, amongst others:

  • The most popular NBA players (having the most followers on Twitter)
  • The most popular team in the NBA (having the most NBA followers from other teams)

  • The most popular team on Twitter (in terms of its players being followed by the most people on Twitter)
  • The NBA players who follow the most people on Twitter (NBA Players and non-NBA combined)

  • The Most Active NBA Players (Quantity of Tweets)

  • The NBA Players who follow the most other NBA Players
  • And in those first three categories, the Cavaliers top the charts.  Shaq is the most popular NBA player – as you might have imagined – and the most popular team as viewed by both having the most other NBA followers, as well as having the most total followers is the Cleveland Cavaliers

    What’s also interesting is that neither Shaq, nor any other Cavalier top the charts in the latter three categories…follow the most peoplemost active…or NBA players who follow the most other NBA players

    Guess that makes the Cavs the cool kids in school then, no?

    Go to Sysomos Inc for the complete details on the study…its worth the read.

    Brendan Bowers

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