Too Many Rappers In Cleveland For Joe Beast

It appears that the Joe Smith, aka ‘Joe Beast,’ era may be officially over in Cleveland.  And it may not have anything to do with the recent signing of PF Leon Powe, or Atlanta’s attempts to bring in Smith, the 13-year vet. It seems that there are simply too many rappers in the Cavaliers’ locker room these days for Smith’s liking – and ‘not enough mics to go around’ according to Joe Beast. 


In a completely fictitious interview with Source Magazine, Joe Beast voices his displeasure:

Source Magazine:  When did you start to think that Cleveland was no longer an option for you?

Joe Beast:  Well, soon after they traded for Shaq I began to hear rumblings.  People saying that Shaq was going around telling guys that it was his show now around the facility.  Saying that Joe Beast fell off.  Talking about how Beast can come back and rap when he goes Platinum, like he did back in ’93.

Source Magazine:  What was the reaction that you were hearing from guys on the team in regards to Shaq’s comments?

Joe Beast:  Well, they were all cool to my face, you know, showing love to Joe Beast, but then MC Colonel Sanders came out and dissed me on his freestyle tape, and when I heard that, I started talking seriously with the Hawks.

Source Magazine:  Delonte West dissed you in his freestyle?  How so, wasn’t he just rapping out Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Joe Beast:  On the surface he was, sure, just talking about chicken and what-not, but the line about ‘extra hot sauce in my bag’ was a direct shot at me.  D-West knows I can’t eat hot sauce.  Everybody does, it gives me heartburn.

Source Magazine:  Did you speak with Delonte about the line?

Joe Beast:  No, but I’m coming for him on my next song.  Let’s just say that.  And I’m coming after his buddy Fog Raw too…I got something for him as well on my next CD.

Source Magazine:  Mo Williams?  What did he do?

Joe Beast:  To put it to you simply, he straight copied my style.  You see that ice cream cone move he pulled in his video?  I came up with that idea, and told Mo last season I was planning on using it in my next video.

Source Magazine:  So the next stop for you looks like Atlanta.  Any reason for that other than the fact that they were a playoff team a year ago that showed some promise?

Joe Beast:  I’m going to give you three names:  Jermaine Dupri, Outkast, Young Jeezy.  I’ll let you fill in the blanks.

Editor’s Note: For an old school Cavalier Rap Classic, Check out Chris Mills’ Sumptin to Groove Too circa 1994

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